…My first turbo experience was a disaster and I never thought I'd boost a sled again. Luckily I met Shane Hart and decided to try 'er again. I couldn't be happier. My 2012 Pro RMK has instant, reliable power. If you're a rider and not a tuner, see Shane and the crew @HM Turbos and let 'em Git-R-Done. They're the real deal and get ready to grin a lot on the mountain.

Steve Lander
Spokane, Washington

Hi Shane!

I just got back from Wyoming. I stopped at Polaris and had the current reflash done on the way out. It seemed to be the ticket! I set it at 10psi and and ran 20% race fuel. It took about 30 minutes to dial in. And it never ONCE kicked on that check engine light. The dealer said the stored code was detonation detected. I watched the plugs and piston wash. After the first day I was confident it was good, and kicked its ass for three more days without any problems! You were right! ...My 09 800 dragon 155 sat in the trailer: ) We spent a whole day in the trees due to a 2 ft snowfall the second day, and it went places the 153 and 155 sleds wouldn't go. I was VERY happy with the drivability in the trees. Everyone was impressed with the drivability and reliability. I have a friend with a Yamaha 4 stroke 153, and one with a M1000 153 that "Push Turbos" installed their non-intercooled automotive turbos on. They both had lots of lag and had major problems driving them in the trees. Not to mention, (Even with only 9-10psi boost and my 144 2.4 lug track) I was killin them up every hill. The M1000 made it about 20 ft higher than me on the Widowmaker in 2 ft of fresh powder this morning, but the day before I was the only one that made it over the top! The track speed was consistantly 62-65mph climbing in deep powder. My 09 800 dragon 155 only does 48-49mph.
I did open up the exhaust plate before going out, and the clutching was perfect that you advised!

Thanks so much Shane! I just wanted to let you know that I was very worried about taking that thing out to the mountians (due to drivability)....But, I COULDN'T HAVE BEEN HAPPIER!!! It was a handful on the hill at first, but I don't think I could ever go back to a naturally aspirated sled now!!!
Thanks again ~ Terry Miller

...Just wanted to drop a line and tell the guys at HM TURBOS thanks for everything. The fit and finish on the sled is by far the cleanest i've seen on a dragon. This is the second season i have had the Hm kit on my dragon and it absolutly rips, Zero turbo lag, and just a all around impressive sled. Shane and levi have went above and beyond helping me get my sled tuned and running to perfection. Shane is always willing to take the time and teach me new things to look for in tuning the sled, and aways looking for updates and things to make it rip even harder. Shane is one of the nicest guys i've ever meet in the snowmobile industry. If anyone out there is considering a turbo you have to check them out. Thanks "Back in Black"

...Shane at HM Turbos has been great to work with on my turbo project. The kit looks and fits perfect. Shane has been very helpful in getting the sled tuned and running excellent. He has the patience and takes the time to make sure all of your questions are taken care of. He also takes the time to take you up on the hill to get the sled set up perfect. He fits the suspension to you. I would recommend Shane to anyone who is thinking about doing a turbo. You will not be disappointed.


Mark Williams

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